In store allergy testing

Suffering from any of the following? if so we can help…

What’s eating you?

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Electro Dermal Screening could be the answer to all your problems…

 • Bloating • IBS • Digestive Upsets & Stomach Pains • Weight Problems • Skin Problems • Eczema • Psoriasis • Acne • Patchy Skin & Rosatia • Tiredness • Lethargy • Irritability • Mood Swings, Poor Memory and Lack of Concentration • Candida Albicans • Lack of Energy • Asthma • Hay Fever • Rhinitis • Anxiety • Depression • Hyperactivity & Attention Deficit Disorder • Headaches & Migraine • Joint & Muscle Pains.

The Asyra Pro test!

The most accurate form of testing…

The Asyra Pro test is simple, painless and non invasive.

You are just asked to hold a sensor in each hand. The Asyra Pro will run through a series of tests to measure the response of your body to electronically recorded signatures of conditions to ascertain your health status. The machine is able to return balancing frequencies through the sensors back into the body.


For more information on how the testing works more information can be found here.



£45 – 40 MINUTES

• Food sensitivity/intolerance

• Allergy sensitivity

• Environmental stressors

• Vitamins, minerals, enzymes,

• amino acids & essential fatty acids

• Eating plan.


£75 – 1 hour

Includes remedies, lazer scan, eating plan – Comprehensive Analysis 40 major body organs tested and rebalanced:

• Allergy sensitivity profile

• Food sensitivity / intolerance

• Hormone profile

• GI food panel

•Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids

• Virus and bacterial profile

• Emotional stressors

• Environmental sensitivity list

• Metabolic-digestive profile

• Toxic stressors

• Dental resonance profile

• Miasm influence

• Neurotransmitter profile

• Vertebrae profile

• Degenerative disturbance

• EFT profile

• TMJ stressors

• Pharmaceutical categories

• Constitutional influence

• Five elements

• Autism panel

All appointments include 10% off in store after the session. 

Booking is essential as spaces fill up fast. for the next available dates and to book please call us on 01970636635

A £20 deposit is required to secure the appointment.

Arwen Lehmann-Davies

Arwen has 13 years experience in Allergy testing and Nutritional therapy.

In 1997 Arwen began her practice with a Mora EAV allergy testing device. She saw the opportunity to develop her business by providing nutritional advice in addition to the allergy testing.

The continued success and demand of these services resulted in the forming of Well-Being Health in 2005.

Well-Being Health is proud to be the first provider of comprehensive testing with the Asyra Pro machine in Wales.

Maureen, “Mo” Davies

Mo qualified as a Reflexologist in 1992. In 1993, she took reflexology one step further and studied Meridian therapy becoming the first person to use the Vacuflex reflexology machine in Wales.


In 1997 her efforts in reflexology were recognized with her selection as a finalist for Welsh Woman of the Year.

She continues as a teacher and practitioner of reflexology with an active daily practice.


Mo brings this extensive background and experience to the Well-being Health team.


here are just a few of them…

“When I first came to see you back in February I had a bit of a tough time over the previous few months, trouble sleeping, constant itching, bloatedness, and everything I ate or did seemed to worsen things.

After spending most of my life visiting different physicians or experts trying different products to try and ease the itching nothing worked, so coming to see you was my last resort. I have to admit that when I went home with a huge list of things that I could no longer eat, I adapted to things quite quickly over the forthcoming three months. Personally I noticed an amazing transformation within a couple of weeks and as weeks progressed, so did everyone else. The biggest change for me was getting rid of the continuous itch and constant bloating. The same thing happened when I saw you again in May, and once again I had to adapt to another eating plan, but as always I stuck to it because I knew it was the best thing for me. Its now nine months since I first came to see you and I am literally a different person. I am definitely happier, I have more energy and now rarely itch at all, apart from when the weather is hot or during frosty winter months, but most of all I am never bloated.Thanks once again,
Sian Thomas, Carmarthen

 My name is Sian West and I’m twenty years old. I visited Arwen in February 2005, when my

whole system had completely packed in, which was a resulted in continually being ill. This eventually led to me being hospitalised, and after several tests, they reached the conclusion I must have a virus.
When I came home, I went to see Arwen. She gave me an allergy test which stated that I was allergic to most things, but the main one being sugar.
Arwen told me that I had to address my diet if I was going to improve my health. With her help and guidance, I learnt how to cook and manage eating more healthily.
I returned a few months later and was tested, and all that was found was that I had a wheat intolerance.
Now I do lapse sometimes but my body soon tells me if things are not right. Without Arwen’s help and encouragement my life would have been very miserable.
Sian West

For more information on the testing and how it works visit here.