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What is Zell Oxygen Plus®?

Zell Oxygen Plus is a product with many years of successful clinical use. It contains naturally cultured, live young saccharomyces cerevisale yeast cells grown in an oxygen rich environment, which in turn contain a host of live enzymes, B vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

As these yeasts are thin walled they are easily assimilated into the gut where the nutritional content is quickly dispersed into the blood stream to promote healthy cellular function and provide the ideal ‘food form state’ nutrition for all our cells, and in so doing ensure optimal wellbeing and vitality.

Who is behind the development of Zell Oxygen Plus®?

Dr Wolz from Germany working with Nobel Prize winner Professor Dr Lunen designed this unique process. They discovered that only by cold processing medicinal yeasts in a natural way, could the nutritional value be preserved.

As the yeast cells found in Zell Oxygen are almost identical to the human cells they will join together once in contact. Once docked the the Human cells then absorbs their vital nutrients. In every 10 mls of Zell Oxygen there are over 50 billion of these young saccharamyces cerevisale yeast cells available.

Is any scientific evidence available to back the health claims made for Zell Oxygen?

During the last 40 years intense studies have being carried out on Zell Oxygen by leading doctors, scientists and biochemists throughout Europe? The overall conclusion from these studies have shown that there are positive health benefits from taking Zell Oxygen and this is endorsed by medical practitioners throughout the world including ‘The biological defense against cancer”. Most of the reearch carried out on Zell Oxygen is available to read in the ‘Haug Report’.

Is Zell Oxygen Plus® made from natural ingredients?

Zell Oxygen Plus is 100% natural and contains no gluten, lactose, colourings, or preservatives. A small amount of natural occurring alcohol is formed during the fermentation process preserving it naturally.

Is Zell Oxygen Plus® suitable to take if I have a Candida overgrowth?

Zell Oxygen Plus® contains high levels of oxygen therefore this an ideal supplement to take in helping to eliminate the body of Candida.

Candida is an inferior yeast cell that lives in a damp dark acidic environment, it cannot survive along side superior yeast such as the oxygenated ones found in Zell Oxygen.

Also it has been found that 99.9% of persons who are intolerant of yeasts, have leaky gut syndrome or Candida, tolerate this product and are in fact able to progress to better health while using Zell Oxygen Plus. This is because yeast intolerances are normally due to sterilised yeasts and yeasts with thicker cell walls than those found in Zell Oxygen Plus.

What are the benefits from taking Zell Oxygen Plus®?

Taking Zell Oxygen Plus® daily enhances the oxygen utilization in our bodies therefore helps with cases of tiredness and exhaustion. The synergistic ingredients in Oxygen Plus work together to provide our bodies with exactly those nutritional substances it needs at the time.

Taking Zell Oxygen Plus® also helps to,:-

  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Purifies and cleanse your body
  • Support a healthy digestion
  • Protect from oxidative cellular stress
  • Antagonistic against Candida Albicans.
  • Improve bowel functions.
  • Restore cellular respiration.
  • Improve the nervous system.
  • Helps to fight against cold and flu virus.
  • And lower stress levels.

Who should take Zell Oxygen Plus®?

Whether you are a little run down and need a boost, or want to maintain your all round health this is the perfect health tonic and is suitable for everyone. As Zell Oxygen Plus contains everything the body needs makes it ideal to take as an everyday multi nutrient regardless of your health status.

However, those suffering from extreme tiredness, stress, or have an on-going immune disorder usually feel its benefits much quicker. Zell Oxygen is also an ideal supplement to take during physical training such as running or cycling as it helps to increase stamina.

Who cannot take Zell Oxygen Plus®?

Due to the natural alcohol content it is recommended that small children and pregnant women should not take Zell Oxygen Plus. Also, those who suffer from gout should reduce acidic foods before taking.

Is Zell Oxygen Plus® safe to take while on medication?

Zell Oxygen Plus® does not counteract with any medication although if undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment it is recommend not starting Zell Oxygen Plus until the day after your last treatment.

What is the daily-recommended dose of Zell Oxygen Plus®?

During the first 3 to 6 bottles of Zell Oxygen Plus® it is recommended to take between 20 and 30 mls daily mixed with juice or water after a meal. Over time this can be reduced to a maintenance dose to between 10 to15 mls daily. Zell Oxygen Plus is an ideal multi nutrient that can be taken every day.

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